FFFFoundRSS Plugin For WordPress


For all you WordPress and FFFFound users out there, here’s a sweet little plugin called FFFFoundRSS. I had an idea for a plugin that would pull in your personal feed from FFFFound and display it on your blog. Since I have no idea how to create WordPress plugins I started to search for someone who could. That’s how I found Dave Kellam, who’s created a similar plugin for flickr and has done an excellent job with the FFFFound plugin. It’s easy to install via a widget or a php include and it has some nice features like image caching. Go to Dave’s site to download and get more info.

You can see the plugin in action in the sidebar to the left.        

RIP Newstoday


One of the great designs blogs that’s been around since the beginning and has inspired many is gone. Newstoday was one of my main sources of inspiration for many years and now it’s been re-branded as QBN. It also got a facelift to go along with the new name. Change is good but I’m sure going to miss hearing “NEEWWWSTODAAAY”.