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Bentley: Intelligent Details

Intelligent Details is a short documentary film that features Luc Donckerwolke and SangYup Lee, heads of design at Bentley Motors, talking about the Bentley Mulsanne. What's really interesting about the film is that it was completely shot using an iPhone 5s, and edited on an iPad Air mounted inside the Mulsanne. The end of the film seems more like an Apple ad than one for Bentley. The films is proof that consumer products like an iPhone and iPad can be used to create professional quality content. Granted, they used some expensive gear with the iPhone to achieve a lot of the results, but you can still get close to this with just an iPhone.

Sketch: A New Way of Designing

Sketch I primarily write about print design on this site, but most of the work I do is User Interface and User Experience design. Until recently, Photoshop was the only real application one could use for UI design, even though it wasn't designed for it. It's kind of like using a road bike to bomb down a mountain. You'll eventually get to the bottom, but you'll bang yourself up good on the way. The feature set, and the workflow, of PS is not optimized for UI design. We accepted it, and kept trucking along, only because we had no other choice. Then Sketch came along. Sketch is a vector-based graphics app by Bohemian Coding that offers a set of features, and workflow, specifically built for UI design. I've made the switch to Sketch at home, and at work. It's been such a breath of fresh air. Some of the benefits of Sketch are:
  • Super easy to use. The app is very intuitive, and never feels complex or overwhelming, but at the same time it's powerful. You can get comfortable using it within a few hours.
  • It's vector-based. All elements can easily scale without degrading, including drop-shadows, gradients, blurs and strokes.
  • Text is rendered exactly like it's displayed in an app or on a website in a browser.
  • Smart guides. You can easily line things up and see the pixel distance from one object to another. You don't understand how much time this saves.
  • Built-in grids. 'Nuff said!
  • iOS mirroring. Using their iOS app, Sketch Mirror, you can see your designs on your phone in realtime.
These are some of the great features you'll find in Sketch. It's not all perfect, though. There are some issues with it, but they're minor. The app is still a little buggy. It's in the early stages, so it's expected. Things like zooming in and out can cause some weirdness. It doesn't handle raster images that well, but that's expected from a vector-based app. Artboards and export features are only focused on iOS. Would be great to include other platforms like Android and Windows Phone. None of these are deal-breakers and the app just gets better and better with each release. Now, I know this sounds like a paid advertisement, but I can assure you that I haven't received a dime from Bohemian Code. This is all of my silly love for this app. It's really changed the way I design, and it's exciting. Down below I've put together a list a resources to help with the transition from PS. A lot of great info here on the app, its benefits, how to use it, and the workflow. I'm going to open the comments in case you want to ask questions. Enjoy. Sketch Manual Tips & Tricks Blog Official Tutorial Videos Discovering Sketch Photoshop Users: How To Switch To Sketch Sketch VS Photoshop Supercharge your Workflow in Sketch Designing with Sketch .Sketch App Medium Collection Design with Sketch Medium Collection How To Wireframe An iPhone App In Sketch iOS 7 GUI for Sketch List of Sketch Plugins Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts
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The Mac is 30 30 years ago, the Mac was released and it changed everything. It definitely changed my life. I was attending high school when I used a Mac for the very first time, and it along with Photoshop 2.0, blew me away. I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The Mac has come along way in 30 years, and I'm exited to see where it's headed. Apple put together this beautiful site chronicling the history of the Mac.
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BMW Concept 90

BMW Concept 90 BMW Concept 90 BMW Concept 90 To celebration 90 years of BMW Motorrad along with 40 years of the iconic R90S design, BMW teamed up with Roland Sands Design to create the Concept 90. It's a modern take on a classic motorcycle, and it's extremely well done. It mixes a timeless cafe racer style, with modern technology to create the perfect motorcycle. I'm hoping that BMW produces it because I would get one right now.

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backup-setup.jpg Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, For the last 6 years or so, my backup setup consisted of one unreliable 120 GB drive that I would manually update whenever I remember to do so. That's pretty much a pathetic way to go about it and I've been extremely lucky to not have had a catastrophic drive failure, buy Female Pink Viagra no prescription. Buy Female Pink Viagra online no prescription, I've been meaning to get serious about my file management, but I never did anything about it, my Female Pink Viagra experience. Discount Female Pink Viagra, That's until I read Frank Chimero's insightful article about his setup and how he deals with file management. It motivated me to finally put a system together to protect my important files, Female Pink Viagra steet value, Female Pink Viagra natural, and to write this article detailing my current setup. I figured that it can't hurt to have more information available on the subject for those who are interested, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription.

The Equipment

Right away, Female Pink Viagra over the counter, Low dose Female Pink Viagra, I knew that my lame 120 GB drive wouldn't make a good base for my setup. The key factor in any good backup system is redundancy, is Female Pink Viagra addictive. Buy cheap Female Pink Viagra, The more copies you have of your data, the safer you are, Female Pink Viagra from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Female Pink Viagra online, I first looked into RAID 1 systems. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, A RAID 1 system is essentially made up of two drives, one drive is where you backup your data, and the other drive is used to mirror that drive, creating a backup of your backup. The benefit of a RAID 1 is that it all happens on the fly, Female Pink Viagra no rx, Generic Female Pink Viagra, so when data is stored to the first drive, it's instantly mirrored to the second drive, where to buy Female Pink Viagra. Buy Female Pink Viagra without prescription, I found a few options that might work, but they were either too expensive or noisy, doses Female Pink Viagra work. Female Pink Viagra interactions, I then looked into single hard drives, which had to be quiet and large enough to store all of my data, Female Pink Viagra used for. Female Pink Viagra results, To create redundancy I knew that I'd needed two separate drives. After a few days of researching and asking on Twitter, I purchased two Lacie Quadra 1 TB drives, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription. They're silent, buy Female Pink Viagra online cod, Rx free Female Pink Viagra, affordable, offer four connection interfaces and look damn sexy, Female Pink Viagra dose. Online buying Female Pink Viagra hcl, To build on the setup, I also signed up for Backblaze, Female Pink Viagra photos, Fast shipping Female Pink Viagra, an online file backup service that's really cheap and easy to use. The service constantly checks your machine and external drives to see if anything has changed and needs a backup, Female Pink Viagra duration. Purchase Female Pink Viagra online no prescription, It all happens in the background, so you just set it up and never think about it again, online buying Female Pink Viagra. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, The first backup does take a few days, though, depending on the amount of data you're storing. Female Pink Viagra recreational, They have a free 15 trial, which is a great way to test it out, Female Pink Viagra wiki. Female Pink Viagra pharmacy, I also purchased SuperDuper, an inexpensive desktop app that allows you to completely clone your machine, Female Pink Viagra coupon, Female Pink Viagra street price, creating a bootable copy. You can even schedule backups, Female Pink Viagra without a prescription, Canada, mexico, india, which is great.

Finally, get Female Pink Viagra, Female Pink Viagra cost, the system also makes use of Dropbox and Apple's iDisk. More details below on how I use these two services, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription.

The Setup

I put together this diagram to help visualize my setup, Female Pink Viagra use. Order Female Pink Viagra no prescription, Here's how it works:

All of my data is kept on my iMac's internal drive. Current and archived work files, important documents like my resume, and my Aperture Library Backup, live in my Dropbox folder. I do this to create more redundancy for my most important data. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, I've kept my old 120 GB drive and use it to store really old work, videos, pictures and my iPhoto Library. This is not precious data.

Every other day I have SuperDuper clone my iMac to one of my Lacie 1 TB drives, lets call this one Drive A. Immediately after that is done I have SuperDuper clone Drive A to my other Lacie 1 TB drive, let's call this one Drive B. Once a month SuperDuper clones my 120 GB drive to Drive B. I only do it once a week because the data on that drive won't change that often, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription. All of the SuperDuper backups are set to Smart Update. It's a great feature that only copies files and folders that are new or have changed. This considerably speeds up the process after the initial backup.

Once a week the current work folder in Dropbox, my Address Book and iCal databases, Safari settings, keychain, fonts and current photos are copied to iDisk using Apple's Backup app. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, For extra security, I've setup Backblaze to constantly backup my iMac's internal drive, which includes my Dropbox local folder, and the 120 GB drive.

During all this I have Time Machine constantly backing-up to Drive B.

This setup creates 6 copies of my vital data:

- Internal iMac Drive
- External Drive A
- External Drive B
- Dropbox
- iDisk
- Backblaze

and 3 copies of my unimportant data:

- External 120 GB Drive
- External Drive B
- Backblaze

This is a good amount of redundancy and will provided a good level of security and piece of mind. I'll probably expand on this in the future. Those Lacie drives are cheap, so why not get another one to clone one of the other drives. Eventually, I want to have an off-site drive, just for added security.

When I was first looked into backup systems, I had no idea where to begin. Hopefully this article has been helpful to those who are still unsure on how to proceed. I also suggest reading this article by John Gruber for more information on the subject.

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iPhone 4

apple-iphone-4 The iPhone 4. Simply amazing.        

Thinking for a Living Relaunches

new-thinking-for-a-living.jpg A new and improved site for Thinking for a Living has launched! The site, in my opinion, is at the forefront of interactive design. It's a great example of why Flash isn't the only means of creating a dynamic interactive experience. The site was designed by BBDK and Frank Chimero and built by Jedi Knight Ian Coyle. It features keyboard navigation, a fine grid, and a ton of original and inspirational content. I'm super excited and proud to be a part of this fine network of people and sites. TFAL is a must read for any creative type.        

New Site Design Coming in 2010

Howdy folks. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. As you've noticed, I haven't posted much in the last week and won't resume until next week. Just enjoying this time off with the family. Anyway, I just briefly want to mention that I'll be launching a revamped site in about a week or so. I'm pretty happy with it and I think you'll like it a lot. Emil Olsson of TypeNeu is doing all the coding and he's implemented some awesome functionality. I'll let you all know right before I switch over to the new design because the site will have to be done for a little while. Also, if you look in the header, on the right, you'll notice a small ad. AisleOne is now part of the Fusion Ad Network. It's a great network that caters to designers, developers, publishers and creative professionals. The ads are small and for the most part well-designed and unobtrusive. I've always struggled with displaying ads on the site, I've been approached by many companies in the past, but this is the first time that I feel comfortable doing it. The network is great and this is an easy way to pay for the site hosting and other site related costs. I'd love to know what you think about the new ads since your opinions matter most to me. This version of the site won't be up for long so I plopped the ads at the top, but in the new site design I've placed them in a much better space that isn't so distracting. Well, that's it for now. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I'll be back on Monday. Peace.        

Photoshoptimize - Optimize Photoshop Performance

photoshoptimize.jpg Yesterday I was searching around for tips on how to improve the overall performance of Photoshop. I found a bunch of good ones, but there was no site that included them all, at least not in a clean, simple layout that's easy to read. So I decided to quickly put together a page since I figured it might be useful to others. I call it Photoshoptimize. Clever huh? All these tips have improved overall performance, especially with redrawing the image when zooming or panning. Some of these tips might not fit your workflow, but the more you do the better.        

Basic Maths WordPress Theme

basic_maths.jpg Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole have created Basic Maths, an excellent grid-based theme for Wordpress that includes features like microformats, color-scheme control, full widget support and a key shortcut to display the grid. Not to mention it's beautifully designed. You can purchase it for $45. Well worth the price.        

AisleOne now Available on Kindle

a1_kindle For all you Kindle users out there, the AisleOne Kindle version has been approved by Amazon and is now available for a monthly price of $.99, which includes a 14-day free trial. They don't give you any control over the design and layout of the feed so I'm sure it's going to look ugly. Hey, at least you'll get to access the content right? Anyway, enjoy.