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Category “Industrial Design”

Vitsœ Tumblr

Vitsoe Tumblr

Vitsœ, famous for their 606 Uni­ver­sal Shelv­ing Sys­tem, now has a Tum­blr that show­cases their 50-year-old archive. A lot of amaz­ing stuff here.

Braun TG 60

Braun TG 60

Not much to say about the TG 60, it speaks for itself. I wish more brands would go back to a more min­i­mal, beau­ti­ful design aes­thetic like this. Apple and Nest are start­ing that move­ment, but most com­pa­nies still have a long way to go. I recently had an ADT secu­rity sys­tem installed in my home, and the com­po­nents are hard to look at, espe­cially the huge key­pad next to my door. It’s a shame that most com­pa­nies don’t value good design.

More Braun good­ness at Das Pro­gramm.

Trioh! Flashlight

Trioh Flashlight

The Trioh! is a flash­light designed by Greg Hinz­mann that rethinks the way flash­lights look and func­tion. Mak­ing a Trioh! more aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing means that it will be dis­played, and in turn, more access­able. It also func­tions as a soft light source when docked in the charger.

I per­son­ally love when bor­ing prod­ucts are re-designed to look beau­ti­ful and be more functional.

The Trioh! is avail­able for pre-order on Kick­starter.

DC09 Chair


A beau­ti­ful Dan­ish inspired wooden chair by Inoda+Sveje. I’ll take six, please.

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Dieter Rams Sketches

Dieter Rams Sketches

These are sketches by Dieter Rams from the 50s and 60s that were pub­lished as part of an inter­view with Domus Mag­a­zine in 1984. Incred­i­ble how the final designs are very sim­i­lar to these sketches.

Via Iain Clar­idge

Dieter Rams' 1976 Speech


In Decem­ber of 1976, Dieter Rams gave a speech titled “Design by Vitsœ” in New York City about his work with Vit­soe. He also out­lined much of his design think­ing, which later evolved into his 10 Prin­ci­ples for Good Design.

Vit­soe has released the full tran­script of the speech to cel­e­brate Rams’ 80th birth­day on May 20th. It’s a must read.

Jens Risom Furniture

Jens Risom

Beau­ti­ful fur­ni­ture designed by Dan­ish designer, Jens Risom. Great lines and craft in his col­lec­tion. He’s one of the clas­sic design­ers of the Mid-Century movement.


Das Programm

Dam programm braun rams

This is a great idea. Das Pro­gramm is an shop that only sells objects designed by Dieter Rams that were issued between 1955 and 1995, the time when Rams was Braun’s Direc­tor of Design. It also acts as a museum of sorts, with rel­e­vant his­tor­i­cal prod­uct details avail­able when possible.

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G-Star RAW for Vitra

G star raw vitra

I’m really dig­gin’ this spe­cial edi­tion fur­ni­ture col­lec­tion of nine clas­sics by Jean Prouvé, remixed by G-Star RAW for Vitra. I’m a fan of G-Star cloth­ing and I’m fas­ci­nated by how the fur­ni­ture feels right in line with the G-Star brand. This is a great collab.

The col­lec­tion is going to be avail­able for one year at The Con­ran Shop start­ing in October.

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Jakob Jensen

Jakob jensen

I can’t believe I’ve never known of Jakob Jensen or his work before read­ing about him on ISO50. Part of me feels out of it, but I also love moments of dis­cov­ery like this. See­ing and falling in love with design that feels so new and fresh, but that’s been around long before I was born. There’s some­thing com­fort­ing about that.

Any­way, Dan­ish born Jakob Jensen is an indus­trial designer who worked for Bang & Olufsen, where he was a designer from 1965 – 1991. His min­i­mal approach was clearly con­sis­tent with Dieter Rams. That micro­phone is pure perfection.

MoMA has a nice gallery of some of his work.

Nooka Zub Zayu Watch


The Zub Zayu is the lat­est release from lifestyle brand, Nooka. Taken from the Japan­ese word, sayu, mean­ing left and right, The Zayu is an ambidex­trous design that wears well on both left and right wrists. Like all Nooka prod­ucts, this watch exhibits a sim­ple, min­i­mal, but unique design.

You can pre-order the watch.

Wrench Monkees


When it comes to min­i­mal design, my pas­sion for it extends way beyond graphic design. When it comes to design in gen­eral, whether it be a house, a shirt, or a spoon, I also pre­fer a min­i­mal approach and aes­thetic. So when I saw these cus­tom motor­cy­cles by Copen­hagen based shop Wrench Mon­kees, I imme­di­ately fell in love.

Most of their bikes have a cafe racer style which I love, and the bikes are stripped down to their bare essen­tials: a motor, two wheels and a han­dle bar. The bikes have more a mechan­i­cal look to them as oppose to the main­stream bikes that are all cover in plastic.

When look­ing for inspi­ra­tion, even motor­cy­cles can influ­ence my designs. I love it.