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Category “Design Legends”

Jens Risom Furniture

Jens Risom

Beau­ti­ful fur­ni­ture designed by Dan­ish designer, Jens Risom. Great lines and craft in his col­lec­tion. He’s one of the clas­sic design­ers of the Mid-Century movement.


Almir Mavignier

Almir mavignier

Almir Mav­i­g­nier is a Brazil­ian born painter and graphic designer that stud­ied at the Ulm School of Design (hfg Ulm). Dur­ing his career he has amassed a mas­sive port­fo­lio of excel­lent poster designs. His use of col­ors and geo­met­rics shapes is bril­liant. There was also a book pub­lished fea­tur­ing his posters titled, Almir Mav­i­g­nier: Addi­tive Posters.

Via Ricardo Nucci

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Hans G. Conrad: HfG Ulm

Hans conrad hfg ulm

AisleOne reader, René, was kind enough to write in to share his col­lec­tion of pho­tos taken by Hans G. Con­rad, the first stu­dent at the Ulm School of Design / Hochschule für Gestal­tung HfG Ulm. Con­rad passed away sev­eral years ago, but before he did he gave René over 12,000 pho­tos. About two years ago René began to upload the images to Flickr. A lot of really great pho­tos already up there, like the one pic­tured here of Otl Aicher teach­ing a typog­ra­phy class. You’ll find a lot of other great design leg­ends in the pho­tos like Bayer, Eames and Bill.

What a great way of remem­ber­ing such a his­toric school and influ­en­tial designers.

Buon Compleanno Massimo

Massimo vignelli

Mas­simo Vignelli turned 81 years old today. His work and ideas on design have had a huge influ­ence on me. I thank him so much for that. Thank you, Massimo.

Pierre Mendell

Pierre mendell

Pierre Mendell (1929 — 2008) was a graphic designer that stud­ied design under Armin Hof­mann at the Schule für Gestal­tung in Basel and later went on to form the Mendell & Oberer stu­dioin 1961 in Munich. Mendell is best known for his work iden­tity work Vitra and Siemens.

The MoMA has a small, but great, gallery of some of his work.

Paul Ibou

Paul Ibou

Paul Ibou is a Bel­gian graphic designer whose work includes 350 logos and sym­bols for cor­po­ra­tions and pub­lic insti­tu­tions, and in 1980 he started the pub­li­ca­tion Vorm in Vlaan­deren. He has a great col­lec­tion of work. My per­sonal favorite is this cal­en­dar. I’m sucker for a tightly kerned sans-serif.

You can see more of his work on Iconof​graph​ics​.com.

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Ben Bos

Ben bos

Incred­i­ble work by leg­endary Dutch designer, Ben Bos. He stud­ied with Wim Crouwel at the Ams­ter­dam Graphic Col­lege, and later went on to work with him at Total Design. He’s com­piled an extra­or­di­nary body of work.

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Jakob Jensen

Jakob jensen

I can’t believe I’ve never known of Jakob Jensen or his work before read­ing about him on ISO50. Part of me feels out of it, but I also love moments of dis­cov­ery like this. See­ing and falling in love with design that feels so new and fresh, but that’s been around long before I was born. There’s some­thing com­fort­ing about that.

Any­way, Dan­ish born Jakob Jensen is an indus­trial designer who worked for Bang & Olufsen, where he was a designer from 1965 – 1991. His min­i­mal approach was clearly con­sis­tent with Dieter Rams. That micro­phone is pure perfection.

MoMA has a nice gallery of some of his work.

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Yves Zimmermann

Yves ZimmermannYves ZimmermannYves Zimmermann

I love these cov­ers designed in 1959 by Yves Zim­mer­mann for Typografis­che Monats­blät­ter. Set in Akzi­denz Grotesk, these cov­ers remind me of another TM cover designed by Robert Büch­ler. A poster was also printed of these won­der­ful design.

Def­i­nitely check out the full arti­cle on Dis­play for more details on these beauties.

Tom Carnase

Tom Carnase

Tom Car­nase has cre­ated some of the most iconic logo­types for Brooks Broth­ers, Saks Fifth Avenue and Calvin Klein, just to name a few. He also worked along side Herb Lubalin and helped him cre­ate the pop­u­lar Avant Garde type­face. Some of his let­ter­ing work is dis­played here, but I rec­om­mend that you do a Google search to see all of his great pieces.

Via The New Graphic

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Max Huber

Max Huber

Lovely set on Flickr of some of Max Huber’s work.

Via Ian Claridge