Mirsad Ademaj



Some tight work by Mir­sad Ade­maj.

3 Comments on "Mirsad Ademaj"

  • Lewis M says

    I do really like this kind of work (‘inter­na­tional style’), cer­tainly aes­thet­i­cally, and there has been a big revival of it in recent years. How­ever it terms of design and func­tion, does it not also seem super­fi­cial and con­trived? In how it is based on this: http://​www​.tm​-research​-archive​.ch/ but out of con­text from why that work was intended. Which seems the oppo­site of mod­ernism and inter­na­tional style.

  • ernesto says

    hey anto­nio, great call to make the new redesign black and white, it’s really nice to scroll up and down at work hours, great job!
    salu­dos de méxico

  • Design says

    Very inter­est­ing designs. Really dif­fer­ent from what you usu­ally see.