MacDonald Educational Covers



No, not the Micky D’s that makes the deli­cious, but unhealthy Big Mac. These cov­ers were from the Mac­Don­ald Edu­ca­tional Ltd of Lon­don and were pub­lished for the Schools Coun­cil from 1972 – 1973. Lovely. You can see the full set over at Wanken.

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  • Lewis M says

    That’s a lovely bit of geom­e­try on the Time cover, where the cir­cum­fer­ence of the cir­cle is divided into 12 equal parts, cre­at­ing those ver­ti­cal inter­sec­tions. I love it when a seem­ingly sep­a­rate visual is entirely gen­er­ated by a sys­tem from a dif­fer­ent look­ing one i.e. a pat­tern of lines gen­er­ated from one cir­cle. I’m sure this pat­tern comes up in physics. Any way, nice cov­ers! Time­less (no pun intended) Hel­vetica and rules combination.