Designed By Apple

At the start of this year’s WWDC keynote, Apple showed this great video that describes the emo­tion that goes into cre­at­ing each prod­uct. The video is aes­thet­i­cally beau­ti­ful, and the motion graph­ics along with the sound design make it a joy to watch. I’ve watched this over and over again. I won­der who cre­ated it. Any­one know?

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  • John says

    Most likely TBWA\CHIAT\DAY’s Media Arts Lab.

  • Brian says

    While I agree that it was likely cre­ated by Apple’s ad/design agency, I was imme­di­ately reminded of Chill­ingo LTD’s game, “Con­tre Jour.” Beau­ti­fully done, one way or the other.

  • Thomas says

    Cre­ated by TBWA / Buck I believe.

    Really beau­ti­ful.

  • Hi Thomas, do you know that for sure, or just a guess?

  • Thomas says

    Hey! I was inter­ested too, accord­ing to adweek​.com these are the credits:

    Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
    CCO: Dun­can Mil­ner
    ECD: Eric Grun­baum
    GCD: Chris Ribeiro, Drew Stalker
    ACD/CW: Brooks Jack­son
    AD: Danny Duran
    CW: Zane Miller, Rob Gold­en­berg
    Exec­u­tive Pro­ducer: Mike Refuerzo
    Agency Pro­duc­ers: Mal­lory Gor­don, Ben Bragg, Stephanie Gocke, Tessa Kocourek
    Production/Animation Co: Buck
    Direc­tor: Buck

    Hope that helps! :)

  • Dean says

    Looks like uni­ver­sal everything’s work to me

  • Bille says

    Well done. Reminds me of Wim Wen­ders’ Leica com­mer­cial.