Charity: Water Poster Series


For those who aren’t famil­iar with Char­ity: Water, they’re a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion that brings clean and safe drink­ing water to every per­son in the world. Most of us take clean drink­ing water for granted, but not every­one is so lucky. Here are some stats to ponder:

90% of the 30,000 deaths that occur every week from unsafe water and unhy­gienic liv­ing con­di­tions are in chil­dren under five years old. The WHO reports that over 3.6% of the global dis­ease bur­den can be pre­vented sim­ply by improv­ing water sup­ply, san­i­ta­tion, and hygiene.

For their Sep­tem­ber Cam­paign, Char­ity: Water invited 14 design­ers to cre­ate limited-edition India-inspired posters. The poster fea­tured here was designed by Jonathan & Melissa Motzkin of Makewell.

The posters are only $20, and 100% of prof­its will go to water projects in Orissa, India. Get one here. Get some nice art to dec­o­rate your walls, and help get clean and safe water to peo­ple who need it.

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