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BVD: 7-Eleven

bvd_7-eleven_1 bvd_7-eleven_2 bvd_7-eleven_3 bvd_7-eleven_4 BVD recently updated their site with some great new work, one of which is this beautiful 7-Eleven branding. Unfortunately for us US folks, it looks like it's just for the European market. We have to settle for this crap.

5 Comments on "BVD: 7-Eleven"

  • Tiffany says

    I think I’d be tempted to go to 7 – 11 again if we had this brand­ing over here.

  • Christian says

    I absolutely love this. Thanks for posting! :)

  • Vicky says

    That’s pretty design. I will go back to 7 — 11 after the brand­ing has been remake.

  • Jamie says

    This is some beau­ti­ful brand­ing for a typ­i­cally not-so-beautiful brand. So sad it’s only for Europe!

  • This is really beau­ti­ful. I’ve just com­mented on the post about old video tape boxes, this some­how reminds me of them too!