Pollen is a cre­ative agency founded in 2001 and con­sists of Barny Col­lis, Rosa van Wyk and Anton Age­jkin. The work is stel­lar, and the site is impres­sive as well. It amazes me how many agen­cies don’t have great sites to present their work. It makes a huge difference.

4 Comments on "Pollen"

  • Lucy Petch says

    Wow! Really great work. These guys are super tal­ented. They ran a bril­liant design work­shop when I was study­ing at the Lon­don Col­lege of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Good to see them finally get­ting recog­nised on Aisle One!

  • Anthony Draper says

    Impres­sive stuff! Pollen seem to be on fire right now! I’m see­ing their work everywhere.

  • Chloé Larousse says

    Vrai­ment intéres­sant de voir de nom­breux pro­jets de con­cep­tion excep­tion­nelles faite par cette équipe intel­li­gente européen. J’ai vu l’identité de Mar­que Carine s’animent à la soirée de lance­ment à Paris et il avait l’air incroyable!

  • tom grass says

    good design is worth pay­ing for. rather like cuban cigars..