Lufthansa + Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airline

Lufthansa and Graphic Design Visual History of an Airline

Lufthansa + Graphic Design: Visual His­tory of an Air­line is a book by Lars Müller Pub­lish­ers that high­lights the cor­po­rate iden­tity of Deutsche Lufthansa. In 1963 , Otl Aicher and his Gruppe E5 stu­dent group at the HfG Ulm were com­mis­sioned by Lufthansa to develop a new visual identity.

The book also includes the design and adver­tis­ing his­tory of Lufthansa from the 1920s until today, illus­tra­tions from the cor­po­rate archive, back­ground arti­cles, inter­views, repro­duc­tions from the Ulm study of 1962, and the first cor­po­rate design man­ual for Lufthansa from 1963.

You can grab a copy on Amazon.

2 Comments on "Lufthansa + Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airline"

  • That’s a pretty book. I love that more and more peo­ple these days are show­cas­ing their thought-process behind iconic brands, etc.

  • Chris W says

    This is so sim­ple and strong. Very attrac­tive for an audi­ence of graphic design­ers. After look­ing on Ama­zon it looks like this book will be a real treat.