Grazing at Design Museum

Grazing Design Museum

Love this flyer design by Mash Cre­ative to pro­mote Design Museum’s new cafe Graz­ing. The fly­ers can be cut along the cen­ter line and one side can be redeemed for a free hot drink voucher. They’re dig­i­tally printed in white ink on 350gsm GFSmith Col­or­plan Bright Red, Pur­ple, turquoise and Fac­tory Yellow.

3 Comments on "Grazing at Design Museum"

  • chris williams says

    Do you know what pan­tone ref­er­ence white ink is spent ages try­ing to find out to no avail!!

    love the fly­ers btw

    Chris Williams

  • @ Chris Williams

    Thanks — glad you like. I don’t know if there is a Pan­tone ref­er­ence for white? but any printer should be able to help you out set­ting files up to be printed in white ink. In this instance the files were sup­plied with all ink to be printed in white in black.

     – Mark

    Mash Cre­ative®

  • adart says

    good,But it takes time to pre­pare these plans