Club Céramique Poster

Club Ceramique Experimental Jetset

This is a poster designed by the awe­some folks at Exper­i­ment Jet­set for an exhi­bi­tion titled “Club Céramique” by NAiM/Bureau Europa. I love how The Jet mixes in pho­tog­ra­phy with type.

2 Comments on "Club Céramique Poster"

  • Hey Anto­nio, you’re too kind call­ing it a “recent poster” — check the dates on it! But you’re right — com­pared to most of the stuff on our web­site, it’s rel­a­tively recent (we know — we should update our site).
    Any­way, we don’t know where you got this image from (the ‘Con­fes­sions of a Design Geek’ blog, per­haps?), but we just wanted to men­tion that the pho­tographs we used on the poster (with per­mis­sion, obvi­ously) were made by Owen Hather­ley (who hap­pens to be the writer of the excel­lent ‘Mil­i­tant Mod­ernism’, pub­lished by Verso in 2009). That’s all!

  • Thanks folks for the update. I mis­read the date, I thought it was this year. I adjusted the post. The image I pulled from your site. I just clicked on the thumb­nail in your news feed and it spawned a larger ver­sion. Thanks for let­ting us know about the pho­tog­ra­pher. Great job on the poster.