1976 Denver Winter Olympics Poster

1976 Denver Winter Olympics Poster

The 1976 Win­ter Olympic Games were orig­i­nally awarded to the city of Den­ver, but they with­drew after some finan­cial con­cerns. But dur­ing the bid, Mas­simo Vignelli designed a few things, includ­ing this won­der­ful can­di­date poster. This is one of my per­sonal favorite posters from that era, the way the 76 is cropped off acts as a teaser.

2 Comments on "1976 Denver Winter Olympics Poster"

  • Dorothy says

    Very nice!

  • Lela says

    I love the old vin­tage olympics posters. I agree that the 76 is one of the best fea­tures on this one. I also really enjoy that the blue is not the tra­di­tional red, white, and blue, color we see every­where else related to the olympics — it def­i­nitely ads to the vin­tage feel. I won­der what it would look like if the olympic rings were cropped sim­i­larly to the 76, but on the top. Any­way you do it the design is always going to be clas­sic. I would love to have this hang­ing on my wall!