8 Comments on "1968 Mexico Olympics"

  • 68 Olympics have been inspi­ra­tional indeed; iden­tity for the Museum Boi­j­mans van Beunin­gen gives a firm nod to Mexico.

    http://​blogs​.walk​er​art​.org/​d​e​s​i​g​n​/​2​0​0​7​/​1​0​/​2​2​/​t​e​s​t​i​n​g-1 – 2-mic-check-check-test/

  • You’re right, this work is beyond bril­liant. Sad story: Lance Wyman opened an exhi­bi­tion of this iden­tity at my old Art School this year AND I NEVER MADE IT. How­ever, it did enable me to unlock the ‘Total Idiot’ badge on foursquare.

  • Jonathan says

    I went to an inter­est­ing lec­ture that Lance Wyman gave for D&AD a few years ago. For any­one inter­ested in him check his work out here:

  • ernesto says

    i’ve never seen such a com­plete col­lec­tion for this olympics, it’s awe­some to see what was hap­pen­ing here 40 years ago (over­look­ing the stu­dents’ mas­sacre, that’s another story)

    gra­cias por el post!

    *those inflat­able bal­loons are incred­i­bly good!

  • Cool and inter­est­ing work. I liked very much.

  • Amit says

    Great, Inter­est­ing piece this!

    I have seen most of the posters and logos of olympics and found the Rus­sia 1980 poster the best. The work is exem­plary, cre­ative and unique owing that it was done 30 years ago.

  • Wow that type­face is amaz­ing. Also the logo design is pretty awe­some. I wish I was design­ing in that era of graphic design history.

  • Marc says

    Totally agree. Mex­ico would have to be my favourite.