Vintage Beer Cans

Vintage Beer Cans

Here’s some more vin­tage good­ness. I found this excel­lent Flickr set of vin­tage beer cans. I’ve never seen that odd can shape, looks like motor oil. Love it. There are also a few brand-less cans with only “Light Beer” printed on them which are really nice.

5 Comments on "Vintage Beer Cans"

  • Stefan says

    Love it!

  • Jon says

    A wel­come far cry from today’s can – and I bet the beer tasted bet­ter too!

  • Robbie Kerr says

    These are from a book called Beer: A Gen­uine Col­lec­tion of Cans! Love them, espe­cially the min­i­mal­ist white ones you spoke about. Fan­tas­tic, they should bring these designs back!

  • Shelby says

    If only a com­pany still pro­duced these…

    Great find.

  • I never knew Car­ling Black label had been going so long!