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  • Ben says

    When Paul Rand brought this pro­posal to Steve Jobs he “pre­sented” it in a very unusual way. Instead of pitch­ing the logo, Rand just slide this book over in front of Steve and watched qui­etly and he looked through and stud­ied the pages.

    Sup­pos­edly not a word was said until Steve reached the end and got up and said “You’ve done it.”

    One of my pro­fes­sors told me this, I can’t com­ment on how much of an urban leg­end it is or isn’t, but it’s a nice story.

  • Ben, that cer­tainly does sound like an apoc­ryphal tale, but a nice one nonetheless.

    I’m half an half about the NeXT logo. Some­times I love it, some­times I hate it.

  • In the Imprint arti­cle, Heller men­tions a sim­il­iar story where Rand just dropped off the book and wait­ing in his hotel room while Jobs reviewed it.

  • iancu says

    Mr Rand told a dif­fer­ent story to his stu­dents, as can be read in the ‘Paul Rand, Con­ver­sa­tions with Stu­dents’ book — I’ve posted the pages on my blog: http://​ian​cul​.com/​?​p​=​3​504


  • That is great. Thanks for the link.

  • iancu says

    My plea­sure.

  • Ben says

    Straight from the man him­self! Thank you for the link Iancu!