Lark Cigarette Packaging

George tscherny lark cigarettes

Love this pack­ag­ing design cre­ated in 1968 by George Tsch­erny for Lark. A great design for a ter­ri­ble product.

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  • Ben says

    I really really love this. It has a refresh­ingly unusual (and not in the dated this-is-from-the-60’s kind of way) color palette that looks very much unlike all other cig­a­rette packaging.

    It says “designer packs” on the one image though…which makes me won­der if this pack­ag­ing ever had a wide­spread release?

    Regard­less, I love the design and the com­ment on the linked arti­cle about how the logo­type as rearrange­able geom­e­try had come back into vogue lately. I think that is totally true.

  • These are really fab­u­lous… and agree with Ben — that they don’t have the stereo­typ­i­cally “dated” look of the 60’s per se… yet have an old world value to them. Gor­geous. Grate­ful that they don’t exist — encour­ag­ing me to pick the dirty old habit back up again! cc

  • david martinez says

    Thanks for post­ing this.. I hadn’t heard of George Tsch­erny before, and after see­ing this post and research­ing him a bit he’s a new favorite!

  • Mark Behrens says

    I love the snarky, con­de­scend­ing com­ments here. O-o-o-h, those ter­ri­ble cig­a­rettes! The tri­umph of polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness and health author­i­tar­i­an­ism. Well, well, back in those days I smoked Lark cig­a­rettes; it was my reg­u­lar brand. This rather refined pack­age design couldn’t have been around for long because I only vaguely remem­ber it, and had totally for­got­ten it until see­ing it here. I’m sure I never bought a pack with that design. I’ll say this much, how­ever: if they were around today I’d buy ‘em in a minute, if only to defy the sanc­ti­mo­nious anti-smokers, as well as enjoy the design, and, oh yes, the cig­a­rettes too.

  • As an artist that is addicted to nico­tine id grab a pack of larks in no fuckin time flat if they got this pack­ag­ing! Hell id smoke em any ways just for the kinda weird ironic dead out dated pop cul­ture appeal… fuck, id smoke a cheapo what­ever right now any­thing else than the unsat­is­fy­ing drag of an e-cig