Hugo & Cat - The BLK Book


Uk agency Hugo & Cat ini­tially designed and pro­duced the BLK Book as a Christ­mas gift for their clients. I’m lucky enough to have an early copy and it’s a superbly crafted book that just makes you want to crack it open and take a big whiff of the glue, ink and paper. It’s pieces like this that make me love the printed medium.

The book is hand fin­ished in heavy ebony Col­or­plan paper, printed with gold and white foil by Gen­er­a­tion Press.

The BLK Book will soon be avail­able for purchase.

2 Comments on "Hugo & Cat - The BLK Book"

  • pat taylor says

    I hope sooner than later will hap­pen. Please put me on the list to
    pur­chase the BLK. E-mail me when it’s for sell. P@

  • Sandra says

    I would also like to know when it is for sale!