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Hand written letter project crouwel

Here's a great little project by the talented Craig Oldham Epogen For Sale, . Hand Written Letter Project was started in 2007, Epogen schedule, Purchase Epogen for sale, and is a collection of hand written letters by some well-regarded designers on their own stationery. Some of the invited designers include Michael Bierut, cheap Epogen no rx, Epogen interactions, Steven Heller, Tony Brook, Epogen for sale, Epogen mg, Milton Glaser, and my favorite of the collection, is Epogen safe, Epogen long term, Wim Crouwel.

The collection will be released in a limited edition book that will accompany a traveling exhibition, Epogen natural, Epogen street price, both of which will be raising funds for the National Literacy Trust.

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  • javaid azim says

    S i r ,
    It is a plea­sure for me to men­tion that 23rd:January
    is a very remark­able day for all of us, spe­cially in the field of
    com­mu­ni­ca­tions. PEN MANSHIP and Good HANDWRITING really adds a more
    per­sonal and more per­sua­sive touch as well as inti­macy to a let­ter.
    Though com­puter & E.mail play an impor­tant role, but noth­ing will ever
    replace the effec­tion and sin­cer­ity of HANDWRITTEN words.
    To mark this impor­tant day and to re-explore the
    real power & purity of HANDWRITING please con­tribute your mini share
    in the “National Hand­writ­ing Day’s Cel­e­bra­tions” by allow­ing a very
    small share,from your offi­cial Typed Mail­ings to Per­sonal Hand­writ­ten
    Mail­ings. Really this will be a great job towards the restora­tion of
    present declin­ing con­di­tion of real hand­writ­ten let­ters, notes, cards
    and envelopes etc.
    I am an expe­ri­enced Pen Master/handwriter.Providing
    qual­ity ser­vice and deliv­er­ing excel­lent hand­writ­ing is my core
    busi­ness. To add myself in this Celebrations,it will be a plea­sure
    for me to hand­write first five let­ter or notes from your side as a
    SAMPLE / TRIAL, Pen­man­ship with­out any charges.
    I am con­fi­dent that I will be able to do your
    pen­man­ship job with per­fec­tion and accu­racy accord­ing to your
    instruc­tions. I will be extreamly great­ful if you please con­sider
    me and oblidge. Please visit Attach­ments for SAMPLE Hand­writ­ing.
    Thank­ing you,
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    Cell : 92 – 0345-2469203.


  • Few feel­ings beat the excite­ment of receiv­ing a hand-written let­ter in the mail. In a time where we’re so used to the printed word, let­ters that have been writ­ten by hand show almost-forgotten thought and effort. They cap­ture our inter­est and our imag­i­na­tion, and they make us feel special.

    You can send a hand-written let­ter with­out leav­ing your own home or office. Our let­ters are suit­able for per­sonal or busi­ness use, and we’re able to write let­ters in bulk for suc­cess­ful mass mail­ings with that indi­vid­ual touch. With us, your let­ters are worth attention.