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Topamax For Sale

Ducats Milk Packaging

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3 Comments on "Topamax For Sale"

  • Momchil says

    Very few peo­ple today under­stand the real mean­ing of design and some­times is very hard to do things as they should be — the clients just dont appre­ci­ate it.

  • I love the look of these, but do won­der if or what the type pat­ters mean. Three of the above are for Dairy Fresh Milk, but all look dif­fer­ent to each other. The fourth is for Straw­berry Flavoured Milk, but noth­ing seems to make it obvi­ously Strawberry.

    Be nice to think it’s a sys­tem and not just aes­thetic treatment?

  • Giuseppe says

    It’d be really great to have such design gems in my fridge.
    They really stand out and I’d even dare to say it seems like they come from an utopian west­ern civil­i­sa­tion bet­ter than the real one…
    Hav­ing expressed my admi­ra­tion, I would have cho­sen a less clin­i­cal type face, a bit creamier one (but not overly creamy!) .