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Abc verlag

ABC Ver­lag (Edi­tion) was a book pub­lisher based in Zurich, Switzer­land that released a superb col­lec­tion of graphic design and fine art books between 1962 – 1989. I’ve been per­son­ally obsessed with these books and have been on a hunt for them for the last 4 years. They con­tain some of the best graphic design of the last cen­tury, and each book cov­ers a dif­fer­ent topic.

I recently uploaded pho­tos to my Flickr of my three most recent addi­tions to my collection:

His­tory of the Poster — 1971 — Josef Müller-Brockmann
Design Con­cept Real­i­sa­tion — 1975 — Wolf­gang Schmit­tel
Color Sells Your Pack­age — 1969 — J.P. Favre

I can get lost in this stuff for days.

4 Comments on "ABC Verlag"

  • Dom says

    Thanks for upload­ing — beau­ti­ful work. But the posters are all miss­ing the mas­sive line of spon­sor logos, web url’s, twit­ter and face­book links. What were they thinking?

  • Mike says

    And thank you for that! I’ve been look­ing for these, and your pho­tos have at least allowed me a glimpse into some of them.

    I wish some­one would reprint some of these titles!

  • Nikolay says

    I reme­ber when I found His­tory of the Poster in a local book­store. Amaz­ing col­lec­tion and great study/source of inspiration.