Naoto Fukasawa


I’ve been obsessed with fur­ni­ture design, specif­i­cally chair design, for some time now. My all-time favorite chair designer is none other than the bril­liant Hans Weg­ner. If you’ve never heard of the name, you’ve prob­a­bly seen one of his clas­sic chairs.

Recently though, I’ve become obsessed with the chair designs of Naoto Fuka­sawa. Fuka­sawa is best known for his MUJI CD player, Plus Minus Zero Humid­i­fier, and au/KDDI INFOBAR and Neon phones, all of which are part of MoMA’s per­ma­nent col­lec­tion.

Since 2008, Fuka­sawa has designed a fur­ni­ture series for Japan­ese com­pany Maruni Col­lec­tion for their Hiroshima line. The col­lec­tion includes a din­ning set and a liv­ing set, all con­structed with beech and oak wood. The entire line is sim­ply stun­ning, but what stands out for me are the small din­ing chairs pic­tured here. The sim­ple, stream­lined design, the mix of sharp and rounded edges and cor­ners, along with the choice of wood make for a beau­ti­fully designed chair. Too bad it costs an arm and a leg or I’d fill up my apart­ment with them.        

2 Comments on "Naoto Fukasawa"

  • Prin says

    Naoto’s work is very clean and func­tional.
    I also love Muji man­u­fac­tured by Thonet col­lec­tion as well.

  • James says

    There truly is some­thing spe­cial about Naoto Fukasawa’s work — he has that rare gift to know exactly what to leave out of his designs to make them the absolute per­fect mar­riage of form and function.

    This chair reminds me of another of my favourites, the Ply­wood series by Jasper Mor­ri­son. Another great designer with a min­i­mal­ist aesthetic.

    I’m really glad you brought Fuka­sawa back to the fore­front of my mind’s eye, I’m going to catch up on what he’s been doing recently.

    Keep up the great work Antonio!