L’Esigenza Della Velocità


Buddy Carr Skate­boards just released L’Esigenza Della Veloc­ità, a new long­board that I designed for them. The board fea­tures an inno­v­a­tive flush mount truck sys­tem that low­ers the deck height, giv­ing the rider bet­ter sta­bil­ity and control.

In Ital­ian, “L’Esigenza Della Veloc­ità” means “The Needs for Speed”, and that’s were I pulled most of my inspi­ra­tion from. I’ve always been inspired by the beau­ti­ful graphic design and gor­geous color palettes present on rac­ing cars from the 60’s and 70’s, and I tried to pay trib­ute to that min­i­mal aes­thetic is this design. It rep­re­sents a time when graphic design was sim­pler and not bloated like it is today.

For the col­ors, I’ve been want­ing to use a flu­o­res­cent Pan­tone for some­time now and the color Pan­tone 805 seemed to make sense for this piece. Cou­pled with a dark gray, I think it cre­ated a nice mod­ern touch to the retro design. 805 is stun­ning in person.

For the lay­out, I com­posed the ele­ments using the Golden Ratio. Might seem like overkill for some­thing like this but it pre­sented a pretty inter­est­ing com­po­si­tion that felt bal­anced to me. Here’s a screen­shot of the guides in my Illus­tra­tor file that I cre­ated using the Golden Ratio. Because of the lim­ited space on skate­boards, I usu­ally end up crop­ping ele­ments to cre­ate a more inter­est­ing visual. I tried lay­outs where all the ele­ments lived within the space, but that felt too unnat­ural and claus­tro­pho­bic. Hav­ing ele­ments bleed off the skate­board gives a sense of open­ness that I pre­fer. The check­ered flag graphic and 805 color are con­tin­ued onto the wheels to give the pack­age a uni­fied look.

When it came time to think about the typog­ra­phy, I knew that I wanted to design a type­face myself. Tak­ing inspi­ra­tion from vin­tage rac­ing graph­ics, I designed a sans-serif that exhibits con­tem­po­rary fea­tures, but that still retains that vin­tage feel. At least I think it does. My plan is to cre­ate a full type­face out of this, but we’ll see how that goes.

As with the other boards I’ve designed for Buddy, this was blast to do and I’m look­ing for­ward to cre­at­ing some new designs for the lineup. We’re already in early phases of a new deck that con­tin­ues this retro race aes­thetic. Stay tuned!

For more pic­tures of the Velocita board, and to buy one, head over to the Buddy Carr site.     

8 Comments on "L’Esigenza Della Velocità"

  • I’m not sure about the fact that “L’esigenza della veloc­ità” could be the right (or the best) trans­la­tion for “Need for speed”. It’s a lit­eral trans­la­tion, so I can’t say it’s wrong, but it doesn’t make much sense in Italy. “Esigere” means need­ing some­thing from some­one, while “the need for speed” is more intro­spec­tive. I think it’s more about terms like “bisogno”. How­ever I would give a chance also to another seman­tic sphere such as “deside­rio”, “sete”, “voglia”.

    How­ever, great job with the visual…

  • This is my least favourite of the three you’ve done for Buddy Carr but still a great-looking board nonetheless.

    I kicked myself for not get­ting the Hello board when I first saw it. Any chance of a re-issue…?

  • Thanks guys.

    Mat­teo, I con­sulted with my mother on the trans­la­tion. She was born and raised in Italy and has a mas­ters in edu­ca­tion, so I’m hop­ing her trans­la­tion was accu­rate. But she did have the same points as you and at the end she rec­c­om­mended this ver­sion. The other Words really don’t make sense when you really ana­lyze them.

  • Awe­some! I love the type­face… It appears like to have fea­tures from Din and Neo Tech. Hope to really see a full type face of it! :)

    Great job!

    Keep it up!

  • Amaz­ing look­ing deck. This is prob­a­bly my favorite graphic design of the three BC boards you’ve done, though The 39 still has my favorite shape. Wish I could have a meld of those two.

    Amaz­ing work. I’m floored.

  • Anto­nio, tell your mother she did a great trans­la­tion. Really!

    My point was just due to the fact that here in Italy we don’t use a native equiv­a­lent for the “need for speed” phrase, so every trans­la­tion just sounds… ehm… forced, in a cer­tain way.
    The other words I sug­gested, trust me (or just trust my PhD in Ital­ian Lit­er­a­ture), make sense with “di veloc­ità” (espe­cially “sete” and “deside­rio” even if they are not lit­eral trans­la­tion of “need”) and they fit very well with the context.

    How­ever — as I said — I love the over­all work, espe­cially the font face and the check­ered flag.


  • graham page says

    hey i got one these and shred­ded our local hill toinght. It looks and rides so much like a deck i dsigned and pressed recently i was stunned. Works lush out of the box, but i added harder rear bushes to help at top speed. Lovely deck, sounds nuts at higj speed. Must be the hard wheels.

  • Filippo says

    Ciao Anto­nio,

    you did a great job, really styl­ish.
    Any­way, what made me write this com­ment is the ital­ian trasla­tion you gave for “The need for speed” but I see that Mat­teo already pointed out the same issues I was feel­ing.
    It’s really a dif­fi­cult one but I’d vote for “Sete di veloc­ità”.
    “L’esigenza della veloc­ità” sounds strangely like “The needs of speed” or some­thing like that.

    Saluti dall’Italia