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Human Being

human-being-tshirt.jpg Happy New Year folks! Kind of bummed that the holiday season is over. Oh well, now it's back to work. I received an email from Origin68, makers of this pretty cool Human Being t-shirt that represents a human in the form of a product label. I love informative, label-type designs like this. Pretty clever.        

3 Comments on "Human Being"

  • B says

    reminds me of radio­head t-shirts.

  • Brock says

    I wish my ingre­di­ents only added up to 68kg…
    I would like to see the US nutri­tion facts panel on the back. :)

  • Shulgin says

    Такой взгляд достаточно распространён. Оригинальный взгляд на вещи.