Dan Reisinger


Dan Reisinger is an Israeli graphic designer who’s work includes posters, cal­en­dars, logos, cor­po­rate and envi­ron­men­tal day. He’s prob­a­bly most known for his work for EL AL Air­lines, which includes a beau­ti­ful series of des­ti­na­tion posters that were designed from 1968 – 72.

I love his style and his work is prob­a­bly the only exam­ple I’ve ever seen of good design that uses Hebrew letters.

Reisinger also designed this lovely per­pet­ual cal­en­dar for MoMA in 1987.        

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  • Scott Streak says

    I am cur­rently a stu­dent study­ing Graphic Arts at uni­ver­sity and I am doing a bit of research into graph­ics in Israel. Would be inter­est­ing to find out your views on it and any rela­tion­ships or links it may have with Pales­tin­ian graph­ics, if there are any dis­tinc­tive fea­tures that dif­fer both state’s graph­ics. Also part of my project is to design a cor­po­rate logo or sym­bol rep­re­sent­ing a united Israeli and Pales­tin­ian state, could you give me any point­ers on this? I under­stand you must be tremen­dously busy so if you get chance could you respond to this.

    Thank you very much.