The Lost Poster


We’re all famil­iar with the sil­ver Objec­ti­fied poster, but Michael C. Place designed a sec­ond ver­sion with a white back­ground and sil­ver objects and black text that wasn’t used. It’s now being released as a lim­ited edi­tion let­ter­press, printed in metal­lic black and sil­ver ink, on Crane’s Let­tra 300gsm paper. Sounds like heaven.

It’s being printed by the awe­some Brook­lyn based Coeur Noir Let­ter­press, the same folks that printed the Hel­vetica poster and my son’s bap­tism invi­ta­tion. They do stel­lar work.

Only 100 will be printed and you can grab one for $125.    

6 Comments on "The Lost Poster"

  • coby says

    i need more walls!

  • The Dude says

    If it arrived in the same con­di­tion as my TWO orders for the sil­ver ver­sion came in then I’d be ultra p*ssed off to spend 125$ on a lim­ited edi­tion poster! Yes, two orders of the sil­ver poster because the first order came com­pletely dam­aged so I ordered a sec­ond one which also came quite dam­aged. Poster deliv­ery from US -> Europe = not good.

  • this poster is absolutely stun­ning! looks like it’s straight out of moder­nity. it’s super high qual­ity, correct?

  • Yes, the poster is def­i­nitely high qual­ity. I received one of the sil­ver ones at the NY screen­ing after win­ning the best Q&A Ques­tion Con­test and got to meet Gary and get the poster signed by him. Such a sweet guy. The film is just as won­der­ful as the poster.

  • Brian, I have the let­ter­pressed Hel­vetica poster that was printed by the same com­pany and it’s stun­ning. Top quality.

  • andrew says

    i love this poster, but am not famil­iar with it’s his­tory (as i am not a graphic designer, but a fur­ni­ture designer). i have been think­ing about hav­ing Coeur Noir print some­thing for me, and so research­ing their work, arrived at your won­der­ful blog.