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The Lost Poster

objectified_poster We're all familiar with the silver Objectified poster, but Michael C. Place designed a second version with a white background and silver objects and black text that wasn't used. It's now being released as a limited edition letterpress, printed in metallic black and silver ink, on Crane’s Lettra 300gsm paper. Sounds like heaven. It's being printed by the awesome Brooklyn based Coeur Noir Letterpress, the same folks that printed the Helvetica poster and my son's baptism invitation. They do stellar work. Only 100 will be printed and you can grab one for $125.        

6 Comments on "The Lost Poster"

  • coby says

    i need more walls!

  • The Dude says

    If it arrived in the same con­di­tion as my TWO orders for the sil­ver ver­sion came in then I’d be ultra p*ssed off to spend 125$ on a lim­ited edi­tion poster! Yes, two orders of the sil­ver poster because the first order came com­pletely dam­aged so I ordered a sec­ond one which also came quite dam­aged. Poster deliv­ery from US -> Europe = not good.

  • this poster is absolutely stun­ning! looks like it’s straight out of moder­nity. it’s super high qual­ity, correct?

  • Yes, the poster is def­i­nitely high qual­ity. I received one of the sil­ver ones at the NY screen­ing after win­ning the best Q&A Ques­tion Con­test and got to meet Gary and get the poster signed by him. Such a sweet guy. The film is just as won­der­ful as the poster.

  • Brian, I have the let­ter­pressed Hel­vetica poster that was printed by the same com­pany and it’s stun­ning. Top quality.

  • andrew says

    i love this poster, but am not famil­iar with it’s his­tory (as i am not a graphic designer, but a fur­ni­ture designer). i have been think­ing about hav­ing Coeur Noir print some­thing for me, and so research­ing their work, arrived at your won­der­ful blog.