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Erola Boix

erola_boix Erola Boix is a Spanish graphic designer with a superb portfolio that really shows off this designers talent. Pictured here is a promotional poster for DeTank, a design and art collectors site. Also check out the design for the Fundació Palau Newspaper. Perfection. Erola has recently moved to NYC and is looking for freelance or full-time work.        

7 Comments on "Erola Boix"

  • love this! wish there was a “tweet this” but­ton though

  • What font is used for the words “DeTank.” in this image, I love it and would love to get my hands on it!

  • pat taylor says

    Now this is TALENT!

  • Nice idea.

    The Type Direc­tors Club has used a sim­i­lar idea for their cur­rent call for entries. (blank boxes to con­tain work yet to be submitted)

    @Daniel Nguyen — looks like plain old Futura Book to me.

  • Daniel Nguyen says

    @Nic Eldrige, Oh, wow I haven’t used that in for­ever… thanks!

  • Ted Rex says

    Excel­lent work. I posted a link to this page on my daily design blog:


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