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2010 Calendar Wallpaper

I've been working on a 2010 calendar poster that I plan to have letterpressed and figured that it would also work well as a wallpaper. So I put some wallpapers together based on the poster design that features a 2010 calendar and the year written out in English, Italian, French and German. Available in pink and white at 1920x1200.        

6 Comments on "2010 Calendar Wallpaper"

  • Oh heck yes! Thanks for sharing.

    Can I ask what the dimen­sions of the let­ter­press ver­sion will be?

  • Daniel says

    I hope the let­ter­press ver­sion will be avail­able for purchase.

  • hot. love the col­ors. thanks.

  • The let­ter­press ver­sion will be avail­able and the size will be A2 (420mm×594mm , 16.5″×23.5″).

  • Josh says

    Anto­nio, looks fan­tadtic, and you had me at the word let­ter­press. I will b sit­ting here wait­ing for that.

    A good color combo would also be the one you used in the ABC123 Typog­ra­phy wall­pa­per (which I had up until a week or 2 ago) It’s just a per­sonal pref­er­ence but I am usu­ally drawn to darker back­grounds to give more con­trast to my icons and not be so harsh on my eyes.

    As always, Great work.

  • Mundir says

    Great work, love the typog­ra­phy and the white spaces
    Should work on get­ting it out on more colors