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The Brilliant Work of Jean Widmer

jean_widmer.jpg I have no clue how I've never heard of Jean Widmer. I'm disappointed in myself but I'm also giddy from the discovery! This morning I came across this brief article over at Grain Edit that includes some of Widmer's work. I was instantly blown away and had to know more about this talented designer. I spent most of the morning researching Widmer and his work. Here's what I've found. Jean Widmer is a Swiss graphic designer who is responsible from introducing Swiss modernism into French graphic design and who eventually became a leader of the graphic design community in France for more than 40 years. Up until recently Widmer ran an agency in France called Visuel Design. Unfortunately, much of his work is very difficult to find, online or in print. Pictured above are posters he designed for the Centre de Creation Industrielle which are just breathtaking. A few years back there was an massive exhibition of Widmer's work at the Centre Pompidou in France. You can see some photos of the event here, here and here. There was also an exhibit at the Herb Lubalin Study Centre of Design and Typography at Cooper Union in New York that was held from Autumn 2002 to 2003. The exhibition, "Jean Widmer, a devotion to modernism, itinerary of a designer from Zurich to Paris" featured a large collection of Widmer's work and was accompanied by a 96 page catalogue. Gotta see if I can get my hands on that one. Anyway, here is a small gallery of the Cooper Union exhibit. And finally, here is an interview with Widmer conducted by Graphis. Apparently Josef Müller-Brockmann was a big influence on him. Nice!        

9 Comments on "The Brilliant Work of Jean Widmer"

  • michael says

    Great post… Base­line mag­a­zine had a great arti­cle in issue 45 about Jean Wid­mer, writ­ten by Philippe Apeloig.

  • michael says

    yeah thats it… i guess i could’ve posted the link! i’d scan it, but my scan­ner isnt large enough.

  • Lee says

    Wow! Thanks for this. I’d never heard of him either.

    Finally, a bril­liant use of flo­res­cent inks. Nice!

  • Adriano says

    I saw that expo on Cen­tre Pom­pi­dou in France (Decem­ber 04 I think). Check a 1:1 photo here: http://​www​.type​na​tion​.com/​w​i​d​m​e​r​.​jpg

  • Leave it to Philippe Apeloig. He knows all that is cool and worth look­ing at in France when it comes to Graphic Design. He worked for April Greiman in Los Ange­les before going back to his native France and becom­ing the super­star that he is today. When i worked at April’s stu­dio a few years later I always heard this Apeloig name being ref­er­enced, then met the guy and under­stood why. I know we are speak­ing of Jean Wid­mer, just a slight off topic excursion.

  • please if any­one finds any­thing else on Jean Wid­mer let every­one here know! I wish I could get ahold of some of his prints. bril­liant briliant

  • Antonio says

    Adri­ano, that photo is great! Do you have anymore?

  • Adriano says

    Anto­nio, that’s the best shot I have, the oth­ers are plain blurred failed attempts :D