Sexiest Form You Ever Saw


This is prob­a­bly the sex­i­est form I’ve seen in a while. Right up there with that Eames form. I want one.

It was cre­ated by Ewan Robert­son of Oscar And Ewan for Ter­race Stu­dios, a gallery in Dal­ston, Lon­don. The project includes iden­tity, design and a web­site which you can check out there.    

6 Comments on "Sexiest Form You Ever Saw"

  • Wow, that’s fantastic.

    What type­face are they using for the headers?

  • Dan says

    Do you know, it’s the colour of the paper I’m lov­ing so much. It gives the whole form a soft, warm, almost vin­tage feel.

  • Antonio says

    Hamish, I’m not sure what type­face is being used but I do love it. I’m going to con­tact them and ask.

    Dan, I agree on the color. It gives it a vin­tage feel mixed in with a mod­ern style. Very unique.

  • Ethan says

    Pretty sure the head­ers are in good old Gill Sans Bold.

  • Geor­gia and Gill Sans should do the same effect.