Ross Granger


Great poster by graphic design stu­dent Ross Granger.    

4 Comments on "Ross Granger"

  • Boson says

    Another idiot hold­ing a poster with bull­dog clips. Boring.

  • Antonio says

    I never under­stood why peo­ple get so hot and both­ered when work is pre­sented this way. Sure we’ve seen it numer­ous times and there are much more cre­ative ways to present ones work, but to me the work is what’s impor­tant. I wouldn’t call the work bor­ing just because of the way it’s presented.

  • Scale is very impor­tant to this piece, screen printed on to A1, the three char­ac­ters across the cen­tre sec­tion are set in sev­eral thou­sand point. The bull­dog clips are sim­ply to stop the poster from curling.

    I agree that this method is over used, and in many cases can be inap­pro­pri­ate, but I do not believe that it is in this case. Nei­ther do I believe that it makes you an idiot.

  • B. Eardy Mann says

    R. James Granger rocks.