Limited Edition: Grids Are Good For the Soul Poster


A few months ago I wrote a short arti­cle on grids which I titled “Grids Are Good For the Soul”. I fell in love with the title and ended up design­ing this poster around it.

Grids Are Good For The Soul is screen printed by hand by Post Expose, which con­tains a quote by the leg­endary Josef Müller-Brockmann, is printed in sky blue on 80lb cream col­ored paper. This goes with­out say­ing, but it was also designed on a grid system.

- $25
 – Edi­tion of 20.
 – 23×33 inches.
 – Set in Hel­vetica.
 – Num­bered and signed


Head over to the AisleOne store and get your­self a copy of this lim­ited edi­tion print before they’re all gone. You can check out more pho­tos on my Flickr page as well as pho­tos of the posters being printed.



21 Comments on "Limited Edition: Grids Are Good For the Soul Poster"

  • David says

    You never cease to amaze me:)


  • Comme says

    Might be the per­spec­tive but the kern­ing looks odd from here.

  • Antonio says

    Which let­ters? Looks OK to me.

  • bender says

    Yeah, the kern­ing as a whole is very ama­teur­ish.
    Poor show.

  • Antonio says

    I have no idea what you guys are talk­ing about. The kern­ing and letter-spacing looks good to me. Then again, maybe I’m just an ama­teur and I don’t know what I’m doing.

  • Joey says

    I don’t see any­thing wrong with the kern­ing. Anto­nio, you sold out in less than a day! Nice job.

  • Antonio says

    Joey, I’m actu­ally sur­prised it sold out so fast. I’m get­ting the pack­ages ready so you should have yours soon. Thanks again!

  • Nilut says

    Is that an “appropi­ate typo” in the Josef Mueller-Brockmann Quote? My spelling ain’t that hot but just noticed it on retyping.


  • Antonio says

    Nilut, I never even noticed that error and I even proofed the design. It def­i­nitely seems like a typo but I’m not sure if it was me or already in the book from where I copied it from.

  • Jim says

    There really is noth­ing wrong with the kern­ing, its a great poster. To say the kern­ing is ‘ama­teur­ish’ is laughable.

    Nice work

  • I really like this poster :-)

  • Nasty says

    “There really is noth­ing wrong with the kern­ing, its a great poster. To say the kern­ing is ‘ama­teur­ish’ is laughable.”

    Nah, I agree. The ran­dom kern­ing sticks out like a sore thumb. It doesn’t flow rhyt­mi­cally, very tir­ing to read.

    You can see it bet­ter in the larger images on your web­site, but for exam­ple in the word “typo­graphic” the T and y are all bunched together then you have the “p” sort of dis­tant and the “o” as an entirely sep­a­rate entity, mean­ing you have this weird rhytm of rush­ing in the ty– and then a serene slow­ing down in the “o” and again the g&r bunched together sep­a­rate from the rest, another pause then the a.
    I don’t know, it’s just really all over the place, like some­one didn’t know what they were doing and were just ran­domly kern­ing the let­ters here and there.


    I’m hop­ing it’s just the cam­era angle but call­ing this a great poster is just plain wrong on so many levels.

  • Antonio says

    I’m not sure if I should take your com­ments seri­ously. Ran­dom kern­ing? There’s noth­ing ran­dom about it and I think you are really over ana­lyz­ing it. First off, if you space out the T and y more than it is, you’ll get a very obvi­ous gap between the two char­ac­ters. Those two let­ters together have to be bunched up to feel right. Also, I don’t see how you can accu­rately judge the kern­ing on a photo where the type is in per­spec­tive and there is bar­rel dis­tor­tion on the image.

    I can take crit­i­cism very well but in this case I think you’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re doing. Sorry. I’d love to see per­fect kern­ing from a mas­ter like yourself.

  • johno says

    “Ran­dom kerning” – that’s a new one.

    Anto­nio, there’s absolutely noth­ing wrong with the let­terspac­ing. And as for the “Ty” being “bunched together”. Is that a joke? Since when is the cap T + low­er­case y not spaced more tightly? Rather than list 500 mil­ion exam­ples, I sug­gest that the “bunched together” peo­ple take a look at this spec­i­men pdf from Le Monde Livre. (note the “Ty” in the phrases “Some books on Type.). Mr Porchez does not do ‘bunch­ing together’ ;).

    Nice poster.

  • george says

    I’ll stay out of the kern­ing debate, but I will say I’m not a fan of the jus­ti­fied text set­ting on this web­site. Looks a bit ama­teur­ish, as through you’re try­ing to self con­sciously empha­sise the grid sys­tem. Cre­ates uneven word spac­ing and gen­er­ally impacts leg­i­bil­ity. I do love a bit of silkscreen­ing though.

  • Antonio says

    Well George, I respect your opin­ion but I per­son­ally like jus­ti­fied text in the right sit­u­a­tions. Word spac­ing can get ugly but I think the size of the type on this blog mostly avoids those ugly gaps. As for it being ama­teur­ish, it’s widely used in books, mag­a­zines and news­pa­pers so I really don’t get your comment.

  • george says

    That’s cool, I apol­o­gise for the tone of my first com­ment — came across a bit aggres­sive and wasn’t really called for, con­sid­er­ing the ridicu­lous crit­i­cism you’ve already received! You’re right, it is totally a mat­ter of per­sonal taste, you’ve got you col­umn width nar­row enough to accom­mo­date the jus­ti­fied text. Now to bring it back on topic, good work on the poster and I’m just annoyed it sold out too fast for me to buy!

  • Antonio says

    George, no need to apologize.

    I might do another run of the posters based on the demand on get­ting so stay tuned.

  • nerdski says

    Darn sold out :(

  • LM says

    how can that typo go unno­ticed when you were all look­ing at the kern­ing so care­fully. Thats insane. And a good indi­ca­tion of what a lot of peo­ple think is important!