Jazz Record Covers


I found this MASSIVE col­lec­tion of Jazz record cov­ers so big that I didn’t have enough time to go through it all. But the stuff that I did see is absolutely amaz­ing. There are even hi-res ver­sions of each cover.        

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  • Crispi says

    Yes, great site. It’s my main source for iTunes cov­ers, by the way. Some of these reis­sue CDs nowa­days don’t even come with the orig­i­nal cover, which is a shame.
    There’s some books by Gra­ham Marsh you might be inter­ested in. Along with “The Cover Art of Blue Note” there’s also “Cal­i­for­nia Cool” and “East Coast­ing” (a.k.a. “New York Hot”), although the last two may be hard to find. A great source of inspi­ra­tion, they fea­ture LP-sized album covers.

  • christian says

    Great side indeed, I strongly sug­gest the book *Blue Note: Album Cover Art *, avail­able on ama​zon​.com, great show­case of the beau­ti­ful graphic design of the late Reid Miles, art direc­tor for the Blue Note col­lec­tion. Back the ‘60s the Blue Note feel­ing wasn’t only about great music, but also from those great great cov­ers fea­tur­ing also beau­ti­ful shots taken by Alfred Lion. Strongly reccomended!

  • Diogo says

    Great find! i will def­i­nitely spend some time look­ing at them all.

  • Richard says

    Thanks for remind­ing me about Blue Note Anto­nio. I’ve got the book that Chris­t­ian men­tions in the loft some­where and that top one, “spring” had a major effect on me when I first saw it.

  • christian says

    I’m so in love with the Blue Note design that I’ve made myself and got printed a cou­ple of 50x100 cm. poster made of my all-time favourite BN records cov­ers.
    They look pretty good but I’m plan­ning to have them re-printed on a spe­cial cool paper of some kind in the future. If anyone’s inter­ested in high res­o­lu­tion pdf of the posters, no prob­lem, drop a line here in the comments. :)

  • Antonio says

    @ chris­t­ian
    I’d love to see that poster. Send over the PDF. I’m def­i­nitely going to check out that book you recommended.

    The spring cover is per­fect. I love it.

  • frank says

    Wow! Those are fan­tas­tic! Thanks!

  • kimblim says

    That “Unity”-cover was made into a huge poster that they used to have at Habi­tat in Man­ches­ter — I don’t know if it’s still avail­able, but it could be out there some­where. Oh, obvi­ously it was absolutely amazing!

  • Savio says

    great selec­tion. can­not find the hi res ver­sions on the site you men­tioned… does any­one know of any site where you can print these LP cov­ers for non-commercial use

    @christian: please send me the pdf of the posters, i would love to print them and stick them up on my wall.

  • nat says

    @christian — please could you send me the pdf of the posters, would love them

    @kimblim — the Unity framed poster you are talk­ing about is still avail­able at Habi­tat — look at their web­site under “whats new” “Art Demand”

  • JC says

    Hi Chris­t­ian I’d also love a copy of that PDF you ref­er­ence! Thanks very much in advance!

  • Samuel Sehlberg says

    Im from Swe­den and are look­ing for posters from jazz album cov­ers to put on the wall. Do you still have those PDF-files? I would love to see them. Do you know any sites that sell posters from jazz cov­ers?
    Happy Jazz Christ­mas.