History Of Graphic Design


I found this lit­tle site on the his­tory of graphic design. Pretty good read. It’s unfor­tu­nate that the design of the site isn’t all that great.        

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  • Christian says

    Hmmm… Otl Aicher is spelled “Otto Aicher”. Not too sure about that.

  • Antonio says

    Chris­t­ian, I’ve seen his name spelled both ways.

  • I wrote about the his­tory of graphic design at col­lege in my ear­lier days, con­sist­ing of:

    1. Indus­trial Rev­o­lu­tion
    2. Art & Crafts-William Mor­ris
    3. Art Nou­veau
    4. Expres­sion­ism
    5. Modernism-Futurism
    6. Modernism-Bauhaus
    7. Art Deco
    8. Dadaism
    9. Real­ism
    10. Late Modernism-60’s Psy­che­delia
    11. Neville Brody

    I guess there’s design is like a dice with mul­ti­ple sides