BBC Design Guidelines


Here’s an excel­lent find. A PDF file on BBC​.co​.uk named Visual Lan­guage 1.0 cov­er­ing the widen­ing of the site pages. Included are a lot of grid exam­ples which makes it a great read.        

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    Wow! Very good resource. Thanks Antonio.


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    Thanks for shar­ing! Very interesting.

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    Good stuff Anto­nio, really inter­est­ing to see this.


  • Thanks for shar­ing! Very interesting…

  • Anto­nio, thanks so mush for post­ing this. It’s a invalu­able resource for some­one like me who knows next to noth­ing about web design. I’ll be refer­ring back to this often in the future.

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    amaz­ing! so inter­est­ing! thanks!

  • thanks anto­nio, i found this grid sis­tem in the 960,gs site ( LINK http://​960​.gs/). bye!

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    Nice site. Thanks!

  • good info! thanks.

  • great stuff, thanks for dig­ging this up. love the beeb’s redesign but still not sure about that stu­pid clock…

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    great info, thanks for dig­ging this up.. nice site

  • I am not a BBC bod. Can some­body please tell me whom I should con­tact about cur­rent BBC web site design (pro­gramme info, etc.). I am not happy with this at all, and have sev­eral suggestions.

    Why is it so hard to find infor­ma­tion on site con­tent and design?

    James Carey, Paris. 22 Novem­ber 2012