Vintage Citroen Brochures


I found this amaz­ing archive of old Cit­roen brochures from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with beau­ti­ful cover designs. The 70’s are def­i­nitely the best with the 50’s and 60’s con­tain­ing some gems as well but the 80’s are mostly ter­ri­ble. I love how these designs are time­less and look as if they were cre­ated today.        

7 Comments on "Vintage Citroen Brochures"

  • This archive is truly beau­ti­ful.
    Made me smile.

  • xian says

    I swear, what was it about the 80s that made so many things suck? I remem­ber in the 80s mak­ing fun of the 70s. At least the 70s had some style.

  • Joey says

    The one on the bot­tom left is awesome.

  • kat says

    The 70’s were truly an amaz­ing time for typo­graphic style and flair. I’m really attracted to this style.

  • Do the 70’s style ones remind any­one else of the 2012 logo? espe­cially the 1974 one!

  • Antonio says

    You mean the Olympic logo? Not at all.

  • David Zulaica says

    I love how these designs are time­less and look as if they were cre­ated today.

    It’s not so much that they are time­less in that they look as if cre­ated today as much as it is that much of today’s design is a throw­back and a re-visitation to this par­tic­u­lar style of clean lines and grids (as opposed to over­lap­ping col­lage). In short, this is more retro than timeless.

    That being said, I absolutely LOVE all four of these.