iPhone Web Clip Icons

iPhone Web Clip Icons

With the intro­duc­tion of Web Clips in the iPhone 1.1.3 a new craze as been born for Web Clip icons. You can cre­ate cus­tom icons for sites you own, sites in sub­di­rec­to­ries and sites to which you have no server access to, like The New York Times. Very excit­ing indeed! Hope­fully soon every­one will get on the band­wagon and cre­ate their own icons, but in the mean­time I’ve gone ahead and cre­ated some for pop­u­lar sites. I’ve cre­ated icons for Flickr, FFF­Found, Media Tem­ple, Bank of Amer­ica, Fan­dango, IMDB and The New York Times. You can down­load a zip file which includes all of these icons. I’ve also set up an icon for AisleOne so when you cre­ate a Web Clip to this site, it will auto­mat­i­cally use it.

Here’s a lit­tle tip if you want to cre­ate some on your own: The default size seems to be 57x57 but it was later dis­cov­ered that a 60x60 image cre­ates a much shaper icon.    

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  • Check out how to make a Web­Clip icon with a bor­der. It is some­thing you may want to know also, it’s not as sim­ple as you would think.

    Also, 120 x 120 makes an even sharper image.

  • Antonio says

    Chuck, thanks for that extra info.

  • Leah says

    Awww yeah! thanks homes

  • TAYLER says

    how do i put these on my phone

  • Antonio says

    Tayler, the links pro­vided in the post con­tain instructions.

  • Great news! The ver­sion 2 soft­ware fixes the prob­lem with the icons not actu­ally ren­der­ing at 57x57. Unfor­tu­nately, icons that used the “rounded bor­der” now don’t ren­der cor­rectly. I’ve posted some sam­ple 57x57 grid and checker­board images at my website.

    Web Clip icons for 2.0

  • Nits says

    How to install them on phone​.In which folder we need to place these icons.

  • Micheal says

    it had changed the look of my phone. Thanks