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Chudi All Things Psyco Here are 3 more wallpapers I designed over the last few days. You can download them from the Wallpapers section. I was going to make iPhone versions of these but a lot of the detail is lost when scaled down so I decided not to. If you really want one for your iPhone or iTouch just ask and I'll make it.        

8 Comments on "Wallpapers"

  • Glenn says

    Nice one Anto­nio! Love the Psy­cho Hotdog :)

  • Dan says

    They’re really sweet! Cool stuff Anto­nio, and cheers for shar­ing them :)

  • Antonio says

    Thanks guys.

  • brandon says

    fan­tas­tic work, thanks a lot for these! i’m link­ing these on my blog.

  • johno says

    Beau­ti­ful wall­pa­pers. Per­haps you’d like to do one for iLT?

  • Antonio says

    John, I would def­i­nitely be interested.

  • very nice wall­pa­per, Its look like real wall

  • Jackie says

    “Wall­pa­pers | AisleOne” def­i­nitely got me per­son­ally hooked with your web­site!
    I actu­al­ly­will cer­tainly be back a lot more
    often. Thanks a lot ‚Korey