Colour Calendar 2008

Colour Calendar 2008

Here’s a beau­ti­ful Pan­tone like cal­en­dar by Moritz Zwimpfer where each day is a dif­fer­ent color. You can pur­chase one of these at You Work For Them

Details: Fol­low­ing the huge suc­cess of the Colour Cal­en­dar 2007, here is the Colour Cal­en­dar 2008 – and every day once again gets its own spe­cial color from Switzerland’s design genius, Moritz Zwimpfer. This appeal­ing, spiral-bound desk cal­en­dar is a bit like a Pan­tone book with room for notes; each day’s color brings its own scent, taste and sound, the impli­ca­tions of mem­ory, the pos­si­bil­i­ties of the future. A beau­ti­ful lit­tle object, impec­ca­bly printed, for the desk or attaché case of a design afi­cionado, promis­ing enjoy­ment long after 2008 is his­tory. The appen­dix includes a cal­en­dar overview for 2008 – 2009, Pan­tone codes for the 365 col­ors, and blank pages for memos.

Dimen­sions: 4.75″ x 6″ (inches)
Lan­guages: Eng­lish & German


3 Comments on "Colour Calendar 2008"

  • Danish says


    Is this cal­en­der in sale? I wanna buy one :)

  • Sarah S says

    I was won­der­ing if there is a new one of these for 2009…they look amazing!

  • Heidi says

    If this was for sale I would buy a cou­ple of them. One for me and a cou­ple for friends as gifts.

    Please let me know where I can pur­chase this.